6 Simple Ways You Can Instantly Improve Your Life (Video)

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Video Source: Koi Fresco

Koi Fresco has over a quarter million YouTube subscribers because what he says makes simple, beautiful sense. In this video, he shares six surprisingly easy and effective ways you can instantly improve your life.

When done regularly, they will keep your life progressing in positive ways.

6 Simple Ways You Can Instantly Improve Your Life

1. Stretch when you wake up.

Any amount of stretching will help your body and mind. It gets your blood flowing and makes your brain more alert.  And it feels good that you’ve given your body some care,.

2. Get some sun exposure.

This is key, especially when you’re feeling a bit “off” or down. The sun helps your body make the key vitamin D. You can do this for only a few seconds and it will make a BIG difference.

3. Express gratitude in small ways like just feeling some mala beads, chanting mantras, or thanking yourself for the little things.

Our culture can take a lot for granted, because we have so much. When you focus on little moments of gratitude and grace, your awareness will expand (and they take almost no time, because they fit right into everything you’re already doing).

 4. Meditate on the ambient noise around you.

Again, this can take place during your day no matter what you’re doing. Listen to what is going on around you, and let it become a flow that moves like an ocean in your ears. It will help you feel more tranquil and centered.

 5. Keep a Guru with you at all times.

Put icons of those you look up to all over the place so you can continually be reminded of your highest potential.

6. Smile as often as possible.

It releases endorphins that puts you in a great state of mind and it will probably also positively impact those around you too.

While these things can instantly change your life, the key is to make them your new normal. Once they become habits, your life will continually expand and your joy will too!


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