Why You Shouldn’t Believe in Karma

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After twenty years of exploring the human psyche at intense depths – both my own and others, I have come to accept many aspects of certain spiritual teachings as either true, or true beyond reasonable doubt.

The spiritual traditions have got it more correct than modern science when it comes to the essential nature of consciousness and the meaning of life. I can tell you beyond any shadow of doubt that consciousness is not confined to the mind or body, and that minds interact with each other non-locally. That means that ESP is genuine. Both spiritual guidance and interference from dark spiritual entities are also genuine. And life after death and reincarnation are genuine as far as I have been able to determine.

So what I write here follows on from these insights which I have perceived directly through clairvoyant perception. This perception is in part a gift, but also enhanced through thousands of hours of meditative and introspective practice.

I am not asking you to believe that I am super-human, merely that I have spent a considerable amount of time exploring spiritual dimensions at a direct level. And I am certainly not asking you to give your power away to me by blindly believing what I write. With all spiritual teachings, the ideal way to process them is not with the mind, but with soulful meditation or reflection. So I merely invite you to reflect upon my understandings.

Now let me get to the main thing that I wish to discuss. I have come to the ultimate conclusion that there is no karmic debt in the sense that there is no absolute requirement for a soul to repay debts incurred in current or previous incarnations. The ideas of reward and punishment are human concepts which we impose upon the cosmos. They tend to become entangled with guilt and shame when we feel we have done something wrong. And then when we feel we have been “good” we set up a subtle expectation that we are going to be rewarded. These are overly simplistic ways of viewing life, and the mind or ego turns them into agendas. “I must be punished” and “I will be rewarded” take us away from love and acceptance of ourselves, the world and the present moment.

The ultimate imperative in the evolution of the human Spirit – both for the human collective oversoul and the individual – is the return to oneness from separation. This is effectively saying that the goal of your existence and mine is a return to love.

What stands between your mind and this evolutionary end is your refusal to surrender to the truth of what is here in this moment; a bad habit that locks you into that illusion of separation. And what is it that can transcend all this illusion? The answer is simple. Unconditional love, which is the natural flowering of consciousness when the present moment is fully embraced. When the soul learns to love all parts of itself without conditions, then all latent energies within the soul will emerge into the light. Then the light of the soul is no longer impeded by your mind’s constant rejection – of self and of world. For the self and the world (as we experience it) are effectively the same thing. When you reject yourself, you deny your lovability. When you reject what God has placed before you in this day, in this moment, you reject divine love. You reject God.

All judgment destroys love.

The flower of spirit will bloom when the water of love is poured upon all that you see and experience, both within and without. In this “state” all binaries are acknowledged and accepted, including happiness and sadness. The mind relaxes. In such a state morality becomes largely irrelevant, as the natural expression of the soul is gratitude, love and compassion. It is when we lose touch with such an awakened state that we turn against ourselves and others, create suffering and becoming destructive.

Karma may be said to exist then, as the process of bringing that awareness to the soul. How our spiritual guardians and the cosmos bring that about I do not know precisely. Yet do I know that punishment and reward are too simplistic as concepts to describe what happens.

But such an awakening process does not typically occur instantly, even when a person instantaneously makes a complete commitment to love. There are latent emotional and “karmic” energies which exist within the soul (embedded energy structures and soul memories). In a certain sense, there is truth to the old saying that “to heal it you have to feel it”. Yet for almost everyone, those latent energies are piled up from many years of suffering, both in this lifetime and previous ones. It would be overwhelming for you to experience all this at once. So what happens is that the energies unwind slowly. The image that came to me as I explored my own repressed emotions was that of a giant ball of string slowly being unwound. I had to learn to be patient. So will you.

All this means that as you relax and allow what is within you to emerge, you will almost certainly experience some disconcerting waves of emotional and psychic energy rise from your soul. Some of these waves will represent repressed pain from childhood and your current life. And yes, some of these energies will emerge from past lives. The third source will be the energy of your ancestors, which has been passed down from generation to generation and implanted into your mind at birth. Finally, you may become aware of the way your mind has become entangled with other minds and entities in a game of shadows, reaching across space, time and other possibly other dimensions.

Here is something of utmost importance, and I hope you are paying attention. If the latent “karmic” energy within you is simply fully permitted expression without resistance and processed in the present moment, there is then no absolute requirement to experience it in physical form. In other words, you do not necessarily need to be re-born into a body to get the lesson, as you will have gotten the same consciousness through the awakening process.

Therefore it is not true that you have to pay off karmic debts or sin before you awaken. Awakening essentially requires the embracing of the total truth of who you are in this moment, including all repressed energies from within.

I believe that the idea that you need to repay debts in the physical world before awakening is a false teaching. It is possible that your soul journey may require experiences which provide the opportunity for you to develop deeper awareness of your soul story and soul habits. But these are not punishments or rewards. They are opportunities. The universe is ultimately compassionate, as is the nature of the soul. It is not punitive.

Ironically, a blind belief in karma as punishment and reward will hold you back from awakening. Let me explain a little more why this is so.

Firstly, by bringing your focus into the here and now you transcend the illusion of past and future. The essence of reality is occurring here, now. In a sense time and identity are illusions.

Secondly, freely embracing your repressed emotional and karmic energy with unconditional love will allow you to sense the lesson contained within that biographical or karmic event. This may bypass your need to return to “get” that lesson in another lifetime.

Finally, when you “believe” in karma it is no different from believing in any other story or belief. You are forming an attachment to a story. And taking that one step further, if you believe in the specific story that you have seen or sensed from a previous existence, you are simply granting energy to the story, whatever it may be. The soul will never relax into presence, into love, while it believes in such things.

The greatest value of uncovering soul stories is to release them, along with the unresolved energies and beliefs contained within them. This includes the stories of both our personal biography and past lives.

Believing in karma as reward and punishment is a self-fulfilling “prophecy” if ever there was one.

This article is an extract from Marcus T Anthony’s book The Truth About Karma, which is available on Amazon. Marcus T Anthony, PhD is the author of ten books and is also a life coach and teacher of profound intuition.

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